The Manutan Group, European leader in BtoB e-commerce specialising in multichannel equipment distribution, propose its expertise at your disposal. We invite you to take a look at these documents to improve your knowledge of indirect purchases and and provide you with the knowledge to optimise your purchases of class C.

Our white papers

Bring your rogue buying under control

The ability to bring rogue buying under control is a major source of competitive advantage for companies, which can achieve savings of up to 50% on indirect purchases!

This free white paper will give you:
- A global definition of rogue buying
- Expert advices to optimize this type of purchase
- A customer case study

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Indirect purchases: six levers that will improve your strategy

Controlling the cost of indirect purchases is a major source of competitive advantage for companies, allowing them to reduce their total acquisition costs.

This white paper addresses several issues:
- New challenges linked to class C purchases
- Key optimisation methods
- An approach to "make your data talk"
- A customer case study

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Our barometer

Class C purchases - Construction industry

The only statistical tool in the market, this barometer provides a situational analysis of the management of class C purchases specifically for use in the construction industry.

This barometer includes the following:
- Savin'side® - the class C purchases optimisation method
- An analysis of class C purchases in the construction industry
- A comparison of industry data with figures from best-in-class companies
- An insight from Karima Brahmi, National Key Account Manager for the Construction Industry

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Our websites

Our purchasing experts blog

Advices, news and purchasing innovation dedicated to purchasing experts

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Our Savin’side® website

Savin’side®, the solution for optimising your indirects spend and boosting your competitive advantage. Manutan’s tried and tested Savin’side® method identifies potential savings in non-recurring indirect spend:
- Optimising procurement processes to reduce processing costs
- Combining product purchases to reduce costs
- Optimising the supply chain to boost productivity...

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